Sabrina Pratt

heal your heart. laugh.


Welcome to my personal website. I’m Sabrina. I am a performing artist, teacher and healer.

I have been performing and teaching comedy professionally for over ten years in Chicago, IL, Charlotte, NC and, now, in central California. I am the very proud Owner & Director of The Central Comedy Theaters which are the Central Valley Comedy Theater in Fresno, CA and The Central Coast Comedy Theater in San Luis Obispo, CA.

As a certified Theater Arts Instructor with a current California Teaching Credential and a background in teaching Children’s Theater I have a passion for staying well-informed about current education standards and practices. I have worked with the Children’s Theater of Charlotte and most recently as a teaching artist in the Youth & Teen Program at Second City, Chicago.

I am also a Reiki practitioner and an intuitive empath. Through a very fun combination of my training in energy healing, my spiritual practice and my performing background I am able offer a unique healing modality-  bringing the healing joy of laughter to my students, clients, audiences. Laughter is the common language of healing and it is my honor to have this gift of joy to offer.

My passion in life is to share the healing art of laughter as widely as possible. With a heart of gratitude, I fulfill my mission through teaching classes, creative consulting, corporate team-building workshops, healing sessions, spiritual consultation, intuitive energy readings and, of course, comedy shows!

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