Sabrina Pratt

heal your heart. laugh.

Current Projects

Upcoming Cool Stuff:

Check out and spiritual videos on the youtube channel: everythingspirit


Registration for the next session Improv & Stand-Up classes in Fresno, CA is now open.

To Register or for more information please visit Central Valley Comedy Theater


Where’s Sabrina?

Sabrina will be spending July 2014 teaching classes and performing with the talented ensemble of Charlotte Comedy Theater in Charlotte, NC. Sabrina spent the Fall of 2013 into early 2014 teaching at the Charlotte Comedy Theater in Charlotte, NC. She will be returning to CCT in July 2014 offering sketch intensive, long-form improv intensive workshops and story-telling classes. For more information on this theater please visit

Sabrina will return to Central California in August 2014 and resume classes and shows at Central Comedy Theaters.

Sabrina is currently bouncing between the Central Valley and the Central Coast of CA. She is in the process of establishing comedy theaters and training centers in both areas and offering classes in improv, sketch, creative-writing and story-telling.

Please contact her directly at if you are interested in booking a show, registering for a class or scheduling a workshop!


Ladies Arm Wrestling:

Sabrina is a former champion wrestler with the Chicago League of Lady Arm Wrestlers (CLLAW). She now serves as Member League Liaison and Directing Board Member on ClawUSA, the Collective of Lady Arm Wrestlers USA. Sabrina is also the SuperClaw 2014 (National Lady Arm Wrestling Championship) Director. She coordinates with and travels to leagues assisting in theatrical and safety training. ClawUSA is a philanthropic organization dedicated to helping local communities empower themselves through theatrical ladies arm wrestling events and raising money for local organizations devoted to helping victims of gender-based violence.


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