Sabrina Pratt

heal your heart. laugh.

Healing Services

As an Intuitive Empath, I am able to psychically read energy and help my clients interpret what is going on in and around them. I have also studied energy healing modalities such as Reiki and am currently studying shamanism. I employ the learning I gain from my teachers both seen and unseen to assist my clients through readings, creative consultations, life path coaching and other forms of healing. I am a practitioner and a student, always. It is my honor and joy to share my healing gifts.

As a life-long artist, I particularly understand the “creative spirit” and actually believe that, as walking creations of the Creator we humans are all creative spirits. I am pleased to report that I have worked with many artists who finally got tired of wistfully wishing they could actually do what they dream about and took matters into their own skilled hands finding a richer, more full life through expression of their innermost soul. Often unblocking energy from your field is the first great step toward finding your way through and out of other artistic blocks. On the flip side- if you are about to stop reading this part because you don’t believe you are very creative or artistic please contact me, I’d love to help change your mind and unleash the inner creative!

Individual Services Available:

-Reiki Healing

-Energy Reading

-Energy Clearing

-Life Path Consultation

-Life Path Coaching

-Personal Channeling (also channeling for a specific issue or question)

-Creative Consultation

-Creative Coaching


I also offer many classes and workshops online and in-person on topics such as story-telling, living in the moment, unblocking creativity, finding joy in the present, conscious living, etc. If you are interested in an online course please contact me and we can discuss which would be the right fit for you.

I am available for sessions by phone, skype and in-person visits. For more information please message me using the contact form below.



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